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Peter Stanton

Hudson Institute of Medical Research, VIC, Australia

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Dr Stanton's research interests lie in the hormonal regulation of cell junctions in the testis, as part of the search for testicular targets of male hormonal contraception. His work has focussed on cell junctions between Sertoli and germ cells, and more recently between Sertoli cells, with particular reference to their regulation by gonadotrophins. He has specific skills in biomolecular separation and characterisation and has applied these skills to the assessment of serum and testicular steroids and hormones in rats, primates and men during male hormonal contraception. More recently Dr Stanton has, with other colleagues, overseen the establishment of a new core facility proteomics lab at PHI. Dr Stanton is now involved in various proteomic studies aimed at identifying new contraceptive targets and diagnostic markers of various conditions including male and female infertility. He is also involved with PHI colleagues in inhibin research .