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Sarah Meachem

Hudson Institute of Medical Research, VIC, Australia

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Sarah Meachem has a doctorate of philosophy from the Monash University in Melbourne (1999), and academic researcher with a keen interest in health policy. Sarah is a Senior Scientist and leads a group at Prince Henry’s Institute of Medical Research in the area of male reproduction, with a special interest in the hormonal control of somatic and germ cell development. She is development numerous animal models that have had tremendous value in deciphering the roles of pituitary hormones on testicular cells and identified some of the signalling pathways involved. Her research has a clinical relevance for men’s health: better manage of male infertility. Sarah’s work is recognised nationally and internationally, notably for her rigorously mapping of testicular cells using stereological techniques and is the author of over 50 publications in specialist international journals. Over the past decade years Sarah has worked tirelessly to promote the benefits of health and medical at all levels, to politicians, scientists and the public, primarily through her association with the Australian Society for Medical Research, being their past president in 2009. She has taken a variety of leadership roles, the associate director of Children Cancer Institute Australia, Directed her own boutique media relations business and been a consultant on specific thought leadership projects. Sarah’s current appointment is working in the senior leadership group at the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Australia developing its external relations strategic plan. Her time, energy and enthusiasm for both research and advocacy is ultimately to create better health for all Australians and create an appealing dynamic research culture in Australia that will capture the scientific stars. She is the fortunate recipient of an Australian Leader Award 2011, Victorian Tall Poppy Award in 2007 and is Victorian Tall Poppy ambassador (Australian Institute of Policy) and has recently been recognised at a ‘High Achiever’ by the NHMRC in recognition of her work influencing the health sector. As part of this her endeavour hopes to influence policy that will transform the health sector and to create innovative programmes to ensure researchers have a long lasting career structure and translate new discoveries into health policy and practice.