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Robert Gilchrist

University of New South Wales, NSW, Australia

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A/Prof Gilchrist completed his D.Sc.Agr (Magna cum laude) in 1996 on oocyte maturation at the University of Göttingen in Germany. In 2006 he was awarded a NHMRC RD Wright Fellowship and is currently a NHMRC Senior Research Fellow based at the University of New South Wales, Sydney. He has published 77 peer-reviewed papers including 13 reviews/chapters. He currently has an H-index of 29 with 2,308 total citations [ISI]. He has been awarded AUS$4.5 million in competitive category 1 grant funding as CIA plus AUS$2.0 million in commercial funding. Dr Gilchrist has received 28 international invitations (25 fully funded) to give plenary lectures and 16 national plenary invitations. He has sat on three scientific advisory boards and was a founding Co-Director of IVF Vet Solutions. A/Prof Robert Gilchrist is an oocyte biologist whose research encompasses basic and applied aspects of ovarian folliculogenesis, oocyte maturation and pre-implantation embryo development. He conducts discovery research on oocyte-somatic cell interactions as a determinant of subsequent embryonic development. He has determined that oocyte secretion of GDF9 and BMP15 is responsible for differentiation of cumulus cells. Dr Gilchrist also manages an applied research program with the objectives of improving oocyte IVM technologies in animals and women.