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David Handelsman

ANZAC Research Institute, NSW, Australia

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David J Handelsman is Professor of Reproductive Endocrinology and Andrology, University of Sydney, inaugural Professor/Director, ANZAC Research Institute and the founding Head, Andrology Department, Concord Hospital. As a career clinician scientist in Andrology (male reproductive health, medicine and biology) he became Australia’s first Professor of Andrology (1996) and established the only hospital Andrology Department (1999). His research into androgen physiology, pharmacology and toxicology spans basic, clinical and public health domains including genetic models of androgen action; steroid mass spectrometry; sports endocrinology and anti-doping science; clinical androgen pharmacology; androgens and male ageing and the use, misuse and abuse of androgens. A Life Member of Endocrine Society of Australia, Society for Reproductive Biology and Fellow, Australian Academy of Health and Medical Sciences, he has served on the Australian Drug Evaluation Committee, WHO Human Reproduction Program and World Anti-Doping Agency and has provided expert testimony to the Federal Court of Australia and anti-doping tribunals including the Court for Arbitration in Sport for WADA, IAAF, IOC and ASADA.
Presentations this author is a contributor to:

Reproductive hormones and cardiovascular and diabetes risk among community-dwelling older men: The Concord Health and Ageing in Men Project (#67)

3:15 PM
Benjumin Hsu
ESA Clinical Orals - General Clinical Endocrinology

Androgen-induced mouse models of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) (#138)

4:00 PM
Aimee SL Caldwell
SRB David Healy New Investigator Award

Characterizing androgen receptor-mediated androgen action in female fertility (#180)

2:00 PM
Kirsty A Walters
ESA-SRB Orals - Female Reproduction

Androgen receptor mediated androgen actions in the uterus (#277)

5:00 PM
Kate Skulte
SRB Poster Session - Uterus/Placenta/Implantation

Lack of ovarian tumorigenesis in mice expressing elevated FSH levels combined with granulosa cell-specific Brca1 and global p53+/- loss. (#249)

5:00 PM
Dannielle H Upton
SRB Poster Session - Ovary/Follicle Development/Corpus luteum

Associations of testosterone, dihydrotestosterone and estradiol measured using liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry with physical, metabolic and health-related factors in men aged 17-97 years from the Busselton Health Survey. (#68)

3:30 PM
Bu B Yeap
ESA Clinical Orals - General Clinical Endocrinology

Androgen-enhanced ischaemia-mediated neovascularisation is associated with HIF-1α and endothelial progenitor Cell (EPC) mobilisation (#46)

1:45 PM
Yuen Ting Lam
ESA Basic Orals - Cancer

Age-related impairment in androgen-mediated paracrine regulation of angiogenesis (#169)

12:30 PM
Laura Lecce
ESA Basic Orals - Emerging Investigators

Stromal GR mediates long-term corticosteroid treatment induced epithelial hyperproliferation in mouse prostate (#307)

5:00 PM
Ulla Simanainen
ESA Poster Session - Basic Science